Finding low-cost insurance for inflatables, a bounce house or party rental business is not a fun or an easy job. That’s why we released LiveRate® for Inflatables.

The instant on-line price indicator allows you to shop quickly to find the lowest rate for your jumper insurance.

Insurance for Inflatables… Do you need it?liverate-insurance-for-inflatables

Of course you do!

Suit happens” – and it happens all the time – even to a small ‘bouncy bounce’ rental company. Besides lawsuits, many city parks require a bouncer company to provide a certificate of insurance and some even need to be named as additional insured – even worse – with primary/non-contributory wording and a waiver of subrogation!

Here a brief video of how to get a online price quote and buy insurance for inflatables hassle-free!

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Take a look at our bounce house insurance for inflatables landing page or our party rental insurance landing page for more extensive information about the insurance for inflatables coverage.