LiveRate® for Inflatables & Party Rentals (Estimate Only)

LiveRate® for Inflatables & Party Rentals (Estimate Only)

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GENERAL LIABILITY COVERAGE (GL) - Provides protection against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Our policy does not exclude coverage parts that are usual to GL coverage like other carrier's policies. Full General Liability

PARTICIPANT ACCIDENT COVERAGE - Required by the General Liability carrier. This policy coverage minimizes GL policy claims by providing medical and dental injury coverage up to $10,000. Accident Coverage

ADDITIONAL INSURED CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE - At no additional charge THREE (3) Certificates of Insurance endorsements are included with every policy. Perfect for permit requirements, city or county governments, parks & rec centers, property owners, landlords and your customers. $10 for each additional. Additional Insured

Various payment plans are available. To receive a written offer with payment options, complete the online estimate and 'Apply for Approval'. Pricing & Payments

QUOTE AND ISSUE - During the busy season approval from the underwriter may take 2-3 days (mon-fri), be sure to reply to any information requests from us as soon as possible. Once approved, coverage may be issued the same day. Quote, Apply & Issue!