Know What You Should About Mobile or Modular Home Insurance

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Blog, Homeowner, Personal

Manufactured homes make up about 10 percent of the total housing in the United States. They need to be protected. Ideal Choice Insurance Agency can help you find the right mobile home insurance for you. What types are there? Generally, there are two types of mobile homes: Modular homes are pre-fabricated homes that are transported in pieces and assembled to a permanent foundation by contractors. Mobile or manufactured homes are completely constructed prior to transport. They are welded to a permanent steel chassis so that they can be towed to the home site and not attached to a permanent foundation. Where are they located? Mobile homes are located in one of two locations: In Mobile Home Parks Preferred and non-preferred parks may be quoted online here. On Private Property mobile homes sometimes find it difficult to find affordable low priced insurance to cover the home, we offer coverage for all zones, even commercial usage! What does it cover? Standard modular home insurance policies usually include the following: Home and structure protection, which compensates for repair damage as a result of: fire, storms, burglary or vandalism. Damage or loss of personal possessions is covered by personal property protection. Guest medical protection will cover the medical expenses incurred if a guest is injured in your home. Additional living costs will reimburse if you are ever in need of temporary housing. As a mobile home owner, it is crucial to protect your home. Ideal Choice Insurance online LiveRate can help you compare policies, answer your questions or concerns to buy the right policy for your needs and budget. Click here or call us today at (619) 423-7271 or (877) 739-0182 to speak with an...

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